The Living the Eucharist Mobile App

iPhone-Device_Transparent-BKGEncounter the Risen Christ. Grow in your Catholic faith.

Pray with—and live—the Word of God.

Download the new Living the Eucharist Daily Devotionals app from Paulist Evangelization Ministries. You’ll get:

    • Three Daily Devotionals to ignite your spiritual growth during Advent and Christmas, Lent, and the Easter Season. Preview the first week of each devotional for free.
    • Three free videos titled Learn to Grow Spiritually, Learn About Seasonal Devotionals, and Learn Lectio Divina.

The Learn Lectio Divina video teaches you a dynamic five-step method of praying with the Scriptures in the Catholic tradition. The combination of Lectio Divina and the daily devotionals provides a sure pathway to a more intimate and personal relationship with God.






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Watch the video to see how the Living the Eucharist Daily Devotionals app can help you to experience the love of Christ.


Interested in learning more about the app? Watch the recording of our webinar, “The Living the Eucharist Daily Devotionals App: a New Way to Ignite Your Spiritual Growthhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Living the Eucharist App?

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The Living the Eucharist app is available for Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

What does the Living the Eucharist App cost?

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The Living the Eucharist app is available at no cost. The three videos and the devotional previews are free. The downloads for each seasonal devotional, for Advent and Christmas, Lent, and the Easter Season, are $4.99 each.

Will the Living the Eucharist app run on all my Apple and Android devices, or will I be required to purchase again for each one?

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The Living the Eucharist app will run on any Apple device where it is downloaded using the same App Store account credentials. The app will run on any Android device where it is downloaded using the same Google Play account credentials. There will be no additional charges if the same account as the original purchase is used for either Apple or Android devices.

Does the Living the Eucharist app need to be re-installed to download each new devotional?

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No. The devotionals for Advent and Christmas, Lent, and the Easter Season change from year to year within your installed Living the Eucharist app. You can find out when each devotional is available by tapping the Select Seasonal Devotionals button and viewing the availability dates on the Your Devotionals screen.

Are there plans for a Windows Mobile version of the Living the Eucharist app?

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We are focusing on refining and updating the Apple/iOS and Android versions of the app. Once we are comfortable with those two platforms, we will consider building the Windows Mobile platform.

How do I contact the Living the Eucharist app developer?

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Click here to use the Contact Us function on the Living the Eucharist website. Note: Please include the make and model of the device on which you have downloaded the app when you contact the app developer. For example, Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 7 Tablet.