Frequently Asked Questions about Diocesan Partnerships

If our diocese participates in the Living the Eucharist Diocesan Partnership Program, who will be my primary contact at Paulist Evangelization Ministries?

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You will be working directly with Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, President of Paulist Evangelization Ministries.

Is there any one “best way” for a diocese to implement Living the Eucharist through the Diocesan Partnership Program?

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We have learned that there is no one “best way” since each diocese is unique and has its own pastoral goals. Your contact person at Paulist Evangelization Ministries will help you customize the program to achieve the highest degree of success for your particular diocese.

How can I become more knowledgeable and equipped to introduce Living the Eucharist to parishes in my diocese?

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  1. You can learn about Living the Eucharist right here on this website by clicking on any of the links in the left-hand menu or at the top of this page. Watch the videos, preview any and all of the materials in English and Spanish, check out the support we offer for parish teams, liturgical ministers, families and more, or click on any topic in the Diocesan Participation section of this site.
  1. To see and touch the Living the Eucharist materials and share them with your team, order the Living the Eucharist Parish Starter Kit, which contains all of the materials parishes will be using this Lent, plus informative training videos.
  1. You’ll also find answers to questions that parish leaders ask about Living the Eucharist at Frequently Asked Questions in the general section of this website.
  1. Finally, we encourage you to speak with your Paulist Evangelization Ministries contact person any time, with any questions you may have about Living the Eucharist—in your dioceses or in individual parishes.

When can our diocese begin to use the credit we have earned through the Awards Program for signing up parishes to participate in Living the Eucharist?

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Communion,Host,Eucharist,youth,Catholic Mass,Steubenville-Toronto Conference,youth retreat,Faith experience,Holy Spirit,Catholic,religious,A diocese can begin to use the dollar amount received as a credit to purchase Living the Eucharist materials as soon as it sends Paulist Evangelization Ministries a list of participating parishes that the diocese has recruited. At that point the diocese designates one person to administer the credit received in the Awards Program until the diocese spends the full dollar amount of the credit. The dollar amount awarded expires one year after the award is given.

How much does the Living the Eucharist Diocesan Partnership Program cost the diocese?

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Since each participating parish pays directly for the materials it orders, the costs of implementing Living the Eucharist is minimal for the diocese itself. The total out-of-pocket costs to the diocese depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The total quantity of materials ordered directly by the diocese for its own use, and that are not covered under the Diocesan Awards Program.
  • How many in-person or online training sessions the diocese opts for, if any, with its Paulist Evangelization Ministries contact person.
  • Whether or not the dioceses chooses to subsidize participation by financially-challenged parishes over and above the amount received through the Diocesan Awards Program.

What costs are the diocese responsible for covering?

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Newly Baptised receive Baptism Candle,Easter Vigil Mass,Catholic,celebration of ResurrectionThe diocese pays for any Living the Eucharist materials it purchases. The diocese also pays for the transportation, housing, and materials for the initial visit of Paulist Evangelization Ministries staff members for the orientation and training of diocesan leaders, which is optional for the diocese. The other fees, worked out with the diocese, include costs for additional onsite training for either diocesan or parish leaders and online training for diocesan and/or parish leaders.


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